Global Ocular Inflammation Workshops 2019, Sapporo,Japan

Instructions for Participants

2Days チケットでのご参加の方、講演規定は、日本語のページ(4月中旬掲載予定)をご覧ください。

General Information


1. Registration Hours
June 27 (Thurs) 16:00 19:00 Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo, 1F, Lobby
June 28 (Fri) 8:15 18:00 Hokkaido University Conference Hall, 1F, Lobby
June 29 (Sat) 8:15 18:00 Hokkaido University Conference Hall, 1F, Lobby
June 30 (Sun) 8:15 13:00 Hokkaido University Conference Hall, 1F, Lobby
2. How to Register
a) Participants who have pre-registered (Japanese Resident)
It is not necessary to re-register on-site. Please bring with you the conference badge sent to you beforehand. You may pick up a name badge holder and an abstract book at the Registration.
b) Participants who have pre-registered (Nonresident)
A confirmation was sent by e-mail to persons who completed the registration prior to arriving at the conference. At the conference, please bring the confirmation to the Registration Area to receive a conference badge, an abstract book and a name badge holder.
c) Participants who will register on-site
On-site registration is available at the Registration Area. Payment of the registration fee can be by cash or credit card. Please complete the registration form that can be found at the Registration Area.
3. Registration Fees
Registration Category On-site Rate
Medical Doctors / Non-Medical Doctors, Researchers 50,000 JPY
Medical Interns / Residents, Graduate Students, Healthcare Professionals (Co-medicals) *1 25,000 JPY
Medical Students*2 Waived
Accompanying Persons 10,000JPY
*1 Medical interns / residents, graduate students, and healthcare professionals (co-medicals) must provide a certified document to prove their personal status.
*2 Medical students can enter free-of-charge, but they must provide a photo copy of their student ID.

The registration fees for medical doctors / non-medical doctors, researchers, medical interns / residents, graduate students, healthcare professionals (co-medicals), and medical students include:

  • Admission to all scientific sessions
  • Admission to the exhibition
  • Program and abstract booklet (These will be provided on-site)
  • Coffee breaks and lunches
  • Welcome Reception (June 28)
  • Gala Dinner (June 29)
  • Certificate of Attendance

The registration fees for accompanying persons include:

  • Admission to the exhibition
  • Welcome Reception (June 28)
  • Gala Dinner (June 29)
4. Conference Badges

Conference badges MUST be worn by registrants to gain admission to all sessions and programs.


GOIW2019 is accredited by the Japan Ophthalmological Society (JOS). Please note that credits are only valid in Japan and cannot be transferred to other countries.
Conference Hall 1F

  Application Schedule No. of Credits
June 28 (Fri) 8:30 - 18:50 3
June 29 (Sat) 8:15 - 18:20 3
June 30 (Sun) 8:15 - 13:30 3

*Authorized Business Number: 30265 (B-4)
*Credits: 3 credits per day / maximum of 9 credits


1. Welcome Reception

June 28, 2019  18:20-19:30
Hokkaido University Conference Hall, 1F, Lobby

2. Gala Dinner
June 29, 2019   19:00-  Welcome Drink
19:30-  Gala Dinner

Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo, 2F, Eminence Hall

3. Tea Ceremony

June 29, 2019  13:00-16:00
Hokkaido University Conference Hall, 1F, Lobby


1. Internet and Wireless LAN

Wi-Fi is available in the Conference Hall.
The SSID and password for accessing Wi-Fi is different for every participant.
Your unique Wi-Fi access information will be provided with the Name card so please store this information carefully and do not lose it.

*Please note that SSID and password cannot be reissued.
*Do not share your access information to a third party. This is solely intended for use by a single participant.
*If it is determined that multiple people are using a single SSID and password, the corresponding SSID will become invalid.
*A single person may use the same SSID for multiple devices, such as laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.
2. Cloakroom

Conference Hall 1F


June 28 (Fri) 8:15 19:30
June 29 (Sat) 8:15 19:00
June 30 (Sun) 8:15 13:00
3. Exhibition and Refreshment Service

Conference Hall 1F

June 28 (Fri) 9:00 17:30
June 29 (Sat) 9:00 17:30
June 30 (Sun) 9:00 13:00

*Coffee and tea will be served.

4. Luncheon Seminar & Morning Seminar

Luncheon Seminars and Morning Seminars are planned during GOIW2019. Light meal or lunch box will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. There are NO tickets for luncheon and morning seminars

5. Tea Ceremony

Date: June 29 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
Location: Hokkaido University Conference Hall, 1st Floor Lobby
Fee: Free for GOIW2019 participants, Accompanying person(s)
How to Participate: First come first served for 50 people
*No need for pre-registration

Come and join us for a special Tea Ceremony (sado) experience in the 1st Floor Lobby of the GOIW2019 venue. Here you will learn the history, the art of making and participate in the demonstrations of drinking Zen-influenced tea from the masters of Urasenke school of tea ceremony. Delicious Japanese confectionery will also be served with the drink.
Participation is free for all and there is no need to register in advance.

Special Support by the Sapporo Convention Bureau

6. Photography and Recording

Recording by any means (photographing, audiotaping, videotaping) of any presentation/session is prohibited, except by and GOIW2019 authorized agent or by First Authors who wish to photograph their own poster presentation. Violators risk confiscation of their equipment and/or dismissal from GOIW2019 as deemed appropriate by GOIW2019 organizers.

7. Shops and Restaurants

Information Center & Elm Forest Shop, Hokkaido University Co-op, Clark Cafeteria can be found in the Hokkaido University campus and convenience store (Seicomart) outside the campus (3 min walk).

8. ATM

E-Net (ATM) is available at Seicomart (24hrs) outside the campus (3 min walk).

9. Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is available at airport, bank or hotel.

10. Car Park

No parking lot is provided for the GOIW2019. We encourage you to use public transportation. If you come by car, you may utilize the metered parking nearby with your responsibility.

11. Headquarters

Meeting Room 4 at Hokkaido University Conference Hall

Instructions for Chairs, Speakers and Panelist


  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session and take the designated chairs’ standby seat.
  2. Chairs are requested to remain within the time allotted for the session and each presentation.


1. Abstract Presentation Content

It is expected that the first author will present the same work described in the abstract, with the same title and content, and will reveal the essential structures (DNA sequences, molecules, etc.), the elements of a novel compound, and/or sufficient identification of new gene compounds as part of their presentation.
As a presenter, you are required to do the following:

*Fully disclose any personal financial interest or relationship that you may have with any commercial interests (see DISCLOSURES below) relevant to presentation content.
*Design a presentation that is independent, objective, scientifically rigorous, balanced and free of bias.
*Assure that scientific studies utilized or referenced in your presentation are from sources acceptable to the scientific and medical community.
2. Disclosures

All presenters at GOIW2019 must disclose and report on any conflict of interest, or, alternatively, to state that they have no conflict of interest. The category of conflict of interest listed below and company names must be noted for disclosure in the slide or poster used in the presentation.

  1. Presentations to which these rules are applicable
    These rules are applicable to all presentations, including those in Workshop, Co-Sponsored Seminars, Rapid Fire oral presentation and Posters.
  2. Reporting Conflict of Interest
    Report on any potential conflict of interest with companies within the last three years regardless of whether it's concerned with or without the content of your presentation.
  3. Category
    F (Financial support):
    In the case where research expenses are supported or free research materials (including devices) or services (including sample measurements) are provided by companies (*) through the organization to which the author belongs:
    (*) Companies denote both related companies and competitor companies. This is also the case for all subsequent categories.
    I (Personal financial interest):
    In the case where the author is an investor in a company related to the chemicals and materials used (including devices) and services are provided.
    E (Employee): 
    In the case where the author is an employee of an interested company.
    C (Consultant):
    In the case where the author is currently, or was within the past three years, a consultant of the company of interest.
    P (Patent):
    In the case where the author holds a patent or is in the process of applying for a patent.
    In the case where the author receives rewards (*) or travel expenses from a company related to the chemicals and materials (including devices) used and services provided.
    (*) Rewards include salaries, travel fees, intellectual property rights, royalties, honoraria, shares, stock options, consultancy fees, lecture fees, expenses as a member of advisory committees and review panels, etc. 
  4. Disclosures in the slide and poster
    The first authors are requested to describe COI on their slide and on the poster of their presentation.
    If the author has to disclose any conflict of interest, the Category alphabet code and company names* should be described after the author's name in the second slide and at the end of the poster.
John Smith ( [ F ] ABC Pharmaceutical Company, [ R ] XYZ Technologies)
If the author does not have any conflict of interest to disclose, there will be a statement to the effect, “there is no conflict of interest to be disclosed”.
3. Withdrawal Policy

As first author, you are obligated to present your abstract. Changes in the presentation type, session, day, and time cannot be made. If you cannot present, you must withdraw the abstract or request approval for a co-author substitute presenter.


  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session and take chairs marked “Panelists”
  2. Panelists are requested to remain within the time allotted for the session.


1. Things to be aware of before your presentation and data preparation
  1. All presentations are to be done digitally with computers and LED projectors. The Organizer will provide the projector and computer for the presentation. Data on video tapes cannot be displayed. The screen resolution is XGA (1024×768); aspect ratio 4:3.
  2. Only Windows PCs are available at the presentation hall. Please make your presentation on a Windows PowerPoint 2010, 2013, or 2016 and save the data on a USB flash drive or CD-R/CD-ROM. If using Macintosh PowerPoint to create your presentation, please bring your own laptop.
  3. Font Guidelines:
    • Windows: Times New Roman / Century / Arial / Helvetica
    • Macintosh: Arial / Helvetica / Osaka
    • Confirm a font size of AT LEAST 24 points for body text and 36-40 points for headings.
    • Light colored text on a dark background is advised.
    • Avoid using red or green-up to 5% of the population is red-green color blind.
    • Confirm that the maximum number of lines in text slides is no more than 6 or 7.
  4. If using video, make sure that the video file can be played using the following software:
  5. Windows:  Windows Media Player, WMV format recommended. (If using video, we recommend bringing your own laptop.)
    Macintosh: QuickTime Player
  6. When using links or hyperlinks for still images, videos, graphs, etc., please make sure to save the original data and confirm that the links work within your presentation. Also, please double check your presentation on an alternate PC beforehand.
  7. When linking picture, graph or video files in PowerPoint, make sure to keep a backup copy of your files and confirm that they work from within your presentation. In addition, please note that adding picture file into your presentation may result in a large PowerPoint file size. Please resize picture files to before importing to prevent an unwieldy file size.
  8. If saving on a CD-R, use hybrid format (ISO9660) to write to CD. We discourage using special features such as packet write to prevent potential reading problems.
  9. Please note that you cannot use PowerPoint’s “Presenter View” function during your lecture.
  10. There are no limitations to the number of slides, and video presentations are also accepted as long as it is within the allotted time frame.
  11. Presentation data’s file name format must be <Abstract No>_<Speaker Name>”.
  12. Be sure to bring a backup copy of your presentation with you to the conference.
  13. Edits to your presentation data are not allowed inside the presentation hall.
2. Regards to PC Data Registration
  1. Please submit your presentation material at the PC Center (Speakers Ready Room) located at Conference Hall 1F, at least 30 minutes prior to your presentation. For speakers on 29th and 30th, we highly recommend to submit your presentations 1 day prior to date of your presentation.
  2. After registration, please confirm that all data operates adequately with the AV technicians.
  3. The AV technicians will then take the data and copy it to the server. The copied data will be sent to the presentation hall and be on standby for your presentation. Please enter the hall and be seated at the chairs marked “Next Speaker” 15 minutes prior to your presentation. After the conference, the Organizers will take responsibility to delete all received files.
  4. If bringing in your own laptop, please go to the PC Center to verify that the file operates properly, then go to the AV technician’s desk located inside the presentation hall, at least 15 minutes before your presentation is scheduled. After your presentation, please take your laptop back from the AV technicians.
  5. Some precautions when bringing your personal laptop:
    • Please make sure to bring an AC adaptor.
    • The voltage is 100 volts and the frequency of electric current is 50 Hertz in Hokkaido (Eastern Japan). Japanese electrical plugs have two, non-polarized pins (Type A). Please bring your plug adapter if needed.
    • If you bring your personal laptop, the presentation hall will prepare a Mini D-sub15pin, as the PC cable connector. Please bring a laptop that is compatible with this cable. If you do not have a PC that is compatible with this connector, please bring in your own PC cable connector.
    • Please make sure all screensavers, power saving settings, and password settings are turned off beforehand.
3. Session Schedule
Session Presentation Time Number of Presentation Slides
Workshop Presentation time differs depending on workshop.
Refer to the notice sent by the conference secretariat.
NO limit.
Rapid Fire 4 minutes for the presentation, and 1 minute for Q&A. 8 slides including the title slide.
COI on the title slide.
  1. Please make sure your presentation stays within the allotted time.
  2. Each presentation hall has an AV technician’s desk at the left side of the hall and the staff here will assist in starting each presentation. Once the presentation is launched, the speaker will control the program from the podium using a computer mouse or a pad. A monitor placed on the podium will display the same screen as the stage projector.
  3. There will be a yellow blinking light to indicate that you have one minute left before the end of the presentation, and a red light to signal the end of your presentation. Please make sure your presentation stays within the allotted time.


1. Poster Exhibition Schedule

Posters will be exhibited from June 28 (Fri) to June 30 (Sun). Please set-up and clean up during the following designated times. Please note there will be no scheduled time for poster presentations. GOIW2019 Organizer is not responsible for poster materials left after the removal deadline. Posters remaining on the poster panels after the removal deadline will be removed by the Organizer and discarded. Poster Panels are located at Meeting Room 1 of Hokkaido University Conference Hall.

Set-up 9:00-13:00 on June 28
Removal   12:00-13:30   on June 30
2. Poster Panel Details

The image area of the poster panel is 150 cm high by 90 cm wide (portrait layout). Please refer to the image on the right.
Materials, including the title, may not extend beyond the image area.
Mounting: Do not use foam core or any thick or multi-layered materials. Do not use adhesives (glue, tape, spray adhesives, Velcro, etc.) directly on the poster panels.

Poster Panel
3. Poster Design
  1. GOIW2019 Organizer will post a 20 x 20 cm Abstract Number on the left side of the poster panel to identify which poster panel you should use to mount your poster. Your abstract’s number was provided in your Abstract Acceptance Notification email.
  2. Keep materials clear and concise. Produce material that is legible from a distance of at least one meter.
  3. Use large print and shade or color block letters when possible.
  4. For legibility, a minimum font size of 28 points and a maximum of 600 words are recommended.
  5. Avoid the use of blue-green and magenta-violet, which appear gray to your red-green color-blind colleagues.
  6. Avoid using red or green - up to 5% of the population is red-green color blind.
  7. Use a layout for your poster that follows the main headings used in your abstract, i.e., Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.
  8. Leave space on your display for your colleagues to leave notes.
  9. Include your e-mail address on your poster to assist viewers with contacting you later.
  10. You may want to provide printouts of your poster as handouts.
  11. Include full disclosures relevant to the abstract’s subject matter (see DISCLOSURES above). Conflict of Interest (including category and company name) must be described at the bottom of the poster.
** Note: Rapid Fire speakers are required to prepare for both poster and oral presentations.