Global Ocular Inflammation Workshops 2019, Sapporo,Japan

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission is now closed.
Abstract submitters will be notified about the status of their abstract in the middle of April 2019.
We would like to thank all authors who contributed their abstracts!

Program Committee (Reviewer)

AMD/DM Section

Head Member Member
Susumu Ishida, MD, PhD Yoko Ozawa, MD, PhD Masahiko Shimura, MD, PhD

Uveitis Section

Head Member Member
Kenichi Namba, MD, PhD Toshikatu Kaburaki, MD, PhD Hiroshi Takase, MD, PhD

1. Abstract Submission Period

December 18, 2018 - March 12, 2019 (Japan Standard Time, UTC+9)
Abstract Submission is now closed.

2. Abstract Submission Policies

* An individual may be the First (submitting) Author of only one abstract.
* The Presenting Author must be the First (submitting) Author and the individual whose name appears first on the abstract.
Note:  Multiple abstract submissions from the same institution on similar research will be subject to rejection.

3. Style of Presentation

Poster ONLY

* Poster posting & viewing ONLY; there will be no moderators to lead the discussion in the poster sessions.
Some posters’ abstracts will be nominated to Rapid Fire** by the Program Committee. 
** Rapid Fire oral presentation: This is an opportunity to convey your presentation in 5 minutes including 1 min. Q&A.  The presenters would share main idea, summarize their research in the limited time.

4. Abstract Category

2. Uveitis
3. Others

5. Notification of Acceptance

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the Program Committee and accepted selections will be announced in the middle of April 2019.

6. Preparing Your Abstract Submission

1. Abstract title: 100 characters.
2. Abstract Body: 1500 characters.
3. Images (tables, graphs, figures, etc.) are not allowed to include in the abstract.
4. First (1) Author and up to fifteen (15) Co-authors need to be indicated.
5. You may change or revise your abstract before deadline March 12, 2019 (Japan Standard Time, UTC+9)

7. Travel Grant Application

Applicants under 40-year of age as of June 28th, 2019, are able to apply for travel grant. The program Committee will review the applicants and 20 excellent abstracts will be selected.

A. Outline of Application
1. Qualification: Age under 40-year old on the date of June 28th, 2019 (GOIW 2019)
2. Amount: 50,000JPY up to 20 awardees

B. To Apply for the Grant
Please follow the steps below:
Step 1.  Please submit your abstract first from “Submit” on the end of this page
Step 2.  In the submission form, please choose “Yes, I apply for a Travel Grant”
Step 3.  Please enter your birthdate

C. To Receive the Grant
The grant will be handed at congress secretariat HQ.
When receiving the grant, we will ask you to present your passport to confirm your birthdate.
If the birthdate is different from the application, the grant will be withdrawn.
*Please note that travel grant recipients also need to do pre-registrations.

8. Conflict of Interest (COI)

All presenters at Global Ocular Inflammation Workshop (GOIW) 2019 must disclose and report on any conflict of interest, or, alternatively, to state that they have no conflict of interest. Once your presentation is accepted, the category of conflict of interest listed below and company names must be noted for disclosure in the slide or poster used in the presentation.

A. Presentations to Which These Rules are Applicable
These rules are applicable to all presentations, including those in Workshop, Co-Sponsored
Seminars, Rapid Fire oral presentation and Posters.

B. Reporting Conflict of Interest in the Abstract Submission Form
Report on any potential conflict of interest with companies within the last three years regardless of whether it's concerned with or without the content of your presentation.
* If there are conflict of interest, enter the corresponding alphabet letters from the Category list in the (entry field box) under “Conflict of Interest” of the Abstract Submission Form.
* If there are no conflict of interest, enter “category N” into the (entry field box) under “Conflict of Interest” of the Abstract Submission Form.

Please confirm whether the declaration is accurate prior to the registration. The categories are as follows.

C. Category (Please select the corresponding letters of the appropriate Conflict of Interest from below)

F (Financial Support):
In the case where research expenses are supported or free research materials (including
devices) or services (including sample measurements) are provided by companies (*) through
the organization to which the author belongs:
(*) Companies denote both related companies and competitor companies. This is also the case for all subsequent categories.

I (Personal Financial Interest):
In the case where the author is an investor in a company related to the chemicals and materials used (including devices) and services are provided.

E (Employee): 
In the case where the author is an employee of an interested company.

C (Consultant):
In the case where the author is currently, or was within the past three years, a consultant of the company of interest.

P (Patent):
In the case where the author holds a patent or is in the process of applying for a patent.

In the case where the author receives rewards (*) or travel expenses from a company related
to the chemicals and materials (including devices) used and services provided.
(*) Rewards include salaries, travel fees, intellectual property rights, royalties, honoraria, shares, stock options, consultancy fees, lecture fees, expenses as a member of advisory committees and review panels, etc.

D. Disclosures in the Abstract and Slide

Conflict of Interest (COI) will not be posted on the abstract book.   
Slide and Poster:
The first authors are requested to describe COI on their slide and on the poster of their presentation.
If the author has to disclose any conflict of interest, the Category alphabet code and company names* should be described after the author's name in the second slide and at the end of the poster.
John Smith ( [ F ] ABC Pharmaceutical Company, [ R ] XYZ Technologies)
If the author does not have any conflict of interest to disclose, there will be a statement to the effect, “there is no conflict of interest to be disclosed”.

9. Personal Information Protection

“Names” and “contact addresses” provided to us for Abstract Submission for the meeting shall be used for the purpose of contact from the secretariat, notification of acceptance or rejection, and any information related to the presentation. In addition, the “presenters' names,” “affiliation names,” “title” and “abstract text” shall be used for publication in the program/proceedings and on the website, but not for other purposes.
Abstract submission has been commissioned to c/o MediProduce, Inc. in order to facilitate operations management.

10. Contact

GOIW 2019 Congress Secretariat
c/o MediProduce, Inc.
2-26-35 8F Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Tel: +81 3-5775-2075 Fax: +81 3-5775-2076
Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays)