EASO 2022 in Tokyo [7th East Asian Symposium on Otology]

History of EASO

Since 2006, the late Prof. Won Sang Lee (Yonsei University, Korea) had been planning an historic meeting with the hope of bringing East Asian Otologists together, in an effort to exchange their knowledge and developing expertise in the field of Otology in Asia.

In 2008, Prof. Lee called the first meeting named the “Contemporary Opinions in East Asian Otology” and what would later become known as the “East Asian Symposium on Otology (EASO)”. He successfully managed to realize his dream in two years and gathered Board Members from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan. As a result, approximately 200 Otologists participate in the first meeting.
Meanwhile in the board meeting, the EASO was decided to be held every two years, and Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan will all take turns to be the host moving forward. (*The table below shows the presidents and meetings already held in the past.)

At the 6th EASO in Seoul in 2018, the number of participants reached more than 400 from 40 different countries. These numbers tell us that the EASO event has become a large and highly respected meeting in Asia.

I strongly believe it is our mission to continually contribute to developing our expertise in the field of Otology in Asia.

Past Presidents and Meetings


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