TFOS ASIA -1st Conference on the Tear Film and Ocular Surface in Asia-
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Kenchoji Temple
Address: 8 Yamanouchi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 247-0062 Japan
*Kenchoji is located about a 15 minute walk from Kita-Kamakura station on JR Yokosuka Line.


Access to Japan

There are two international airports serving the Tokyo metropolitan area.

1) Haneda Airport − conveniently located on Tokyo Bay, about 1 − 1 ½ hours to Kamakura

Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) opened as "New International Passenger Terminal" in 2010.
Several international direct flights are now available to and from Haneda.

  From China: Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai
From Korea: Seoul (Gimpo, Incheon), Busan
From Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching
From Taiwan: Taipei
From Thailand: Bangkok
From Singapore:    Singapore
From Europe: Paris, London, Frankfurt
From USA: San Francisco, Los Angeles

We would like to recommend Haneda International Airports rather than Narita International Airport for convenient access to Kamakura.

2) Narita Airport − more flight options, about 2 − 2 ½ hours to Kamakura

Most of international flights arrive at Narita International Airport.

From Narita to Kamakura city

From Haneda to Kamakura city

Enoden Bus time schedule (From Haneda Airport to Ofuna Station)
Please refer Train Route Finder for your transportation.
▪  20 minutes by taxi from Ofuna station to Kenchoji (approx. 2,000 yen).
▪  How to get to Kamakura Prince Hotel.

<Station Names>
Kamakura city: Kamakura station
Kenchoji (conference venue): Kita-Kamakura station
Kamakura Prince Hotel (official hotel): Shichirigahama station

The times above are the shortest possible times, excluding the times required for transferring trains.

Train Map (JR)   Train Map (Subway)

Kamakura Map

From Kamakura station to Kenchoji or Kamakura Prince Hotel

30 minutes on foot or 10 min by taxi from Kamakura station to Kenchoji (approx. 1,000 yen).
15 minutes by taxi from Kamakura station to Kamakura Prince Hotel (approx. 2,000 yen).

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