TFOS ASIA -1st Conference on the Tear Film and Ocular Surface in Asia-
2012.04.03   TFOS ASIA 2012 successfully ended with over 180 participants from different countries.
We really appreciate your kind cooperation.
2012.03.28   Program has been updated.
Conference info has been updated.
2012.03.15   Please confirm Clothing information.
Updated Information for Presenters.
Updated Poster presentation instructions.
2012.03.09   Registration has been closed.
2012.03.07   The abstract submission has been closed.
2012.03.01   Official Facebook site has been opened.
2012.01.31   The abstract submission term was extended
until February 29. (5 p.m. Japan time)
2011.11.14   Registration starts on November 15, 2011.
2011.10.28   Abstract registration started.
2011.04.28   Official website has been opened.