6th JAPAN-ASEAN Conference on Men's Health & Aging / In conjunction with 11th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Men's Health & 3rd Meeting of the Society for Anti-Aging Medicine in Urology
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合同開催 第11回日本Men's Health医学会

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Dear Colleagues,

As local host and Chairperson for the 6th JAPAN-ASEAN Conference on Men's Health & Aging, it is my special pleasure to invite you to Kamakura, Japan in June 30th - July 3rd 2011. This conference will present new frontiers in men's health and aging, based on the biological, physiological, pathological and therapeutic evidence. The program is designed for physicians and other healthcare professionals interested in the many aspects of men's health and aging.
Our theme “Spreading Men's Health” aims at discussing and debating unresolved issues of men's health with leading experts from ASEAN countries and Japan. A major goal of the conference is therefore to facilitate and reinforce contact and networking among researchers and healthcare professionals.
The conference will be held in Kenchoji Temple, which is located in the city of Kamakura. Kamakura is a beautiful coastal town, less than an hour south of Tokyo. Kamakura, the medieval capital of Japan, has numerous temples, shrines and other historical monuments. Kenchoji is the oldest Zen temple in Kamakura, which was founded in 1253.
We expect to stimulate extensive scientific exchange as well as creating a pleasurable and memorable occasion for social interactions.
We look forward to an exciting event in beautiful Kamakura.
Prof. Shigeo Horie
On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Shigeo Horie
  Shigeo Horie
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