18th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Conference Information

1. Registration

Location:Osaka International Convention Center, 5th floor Lobby
Time:May 25 (Fri) 7:30-16:30
May 26 (Sat) 7:30-16:30
May 27 (Sun) 7:30-13:30

2. How to Register

(1)Registration Fee
Supporting members\18,000
Students (graduate students)\5,000
<JAAM Members>

Please bring your 2018 member ID. On the day of the conference, please register and pay the registration fee. For those who have not yet received their ID, please register using a temporary ID from JAAM Secretariat Desk.


Please register to participate by filling in the necessary items on the participation application form and paying the registration fee.

1)The registration fee is required for graduate students and free for undergraduate university students and vocational school students. Please show your student ID with photo. If you do not show your ID, we may not be able to prove your status as a student. Please do not forget to bring your student ID.
2)Please register to participate by filling in the necessary items on the participation application form, paying the registration fee, and showing your student ID.
3)Graduate students will be given a conference badge (name card with receipt attached). Undergraduate university students and vocational school students will be given a conference badge (name card)
Please fill out your name and affiliation on your participation certificate and wear it when inside the venue. Those not wearing their participation certificate will not be allowed to enter the venue.
For participation in Chair's Special Program, it is only available to those with pre-registration. No on-site Registration.

3. Program and Abstracts

We will send to those who pre-registered, a program and abstract book ahead of time. For those registering on-site, please purchase a program and abstracts book at reception (¥2,000 per book). Open the application store on your mobile device (App Store on iOS, Google Play for Android) and search for " 抗加齢、アンチエイジング". The password is "jaam2018". You can download for free.

4. Name Straps

During the conference, we will classify each role using different strap colors. The classification of the colors are listed below.

Board MemberRed
Program Committee
Board Certified FellowGreen
Board Certified Instructor
Other participantsBlue

5. Various Services

Please use the cloak set up at the Osaka International Conference Center, 5th floor Lobby. We cannot accept the storage of any valuables, computers, etc. In addition, we kindly ask that you understand that we cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.
(2) Wireless LAN and Internet Environment
There will be free Wireless LAN inside the Conference Site. Please see the bulletin within the venue for SSID and PW.
(3)Call Announcements
Except in emergency situations, there will be no call announcements made in the venue. To communicate with other attendees, please use the message board located in the Osaka International Conference Center, 5th floor Lobby.
(4)Parking Lot
Please use public transportation facilities.
(5)Business Center
In the Business corner (11th floor) attendees may use copy, fax and mail delivery services (with charges).
(6)Convenience store
Rihga Royal Hotel Underground level 1, Keihan Nakanoshima Line next to "Nakanoshima Station" or Diagonally across from Amida-ike-suji Exit, there is a Seven Eleven. You can purchase sandwiches, bentos, drinks, and others; as well as mail delivery services, and the use of ATM.

6. Distribution of Tickets for Luncheon Seminars

In order to reduce crowding during the luncheon seminars, we will distribute tickets. After finishing registration, please proceed to the luncheon seminar ticket desk (Osaka International Conference Center, 5th floor Lobby) as there are limited amount of tickets, we will distribute the tickets for each day in order of arrival, and we will finish once the tickets are gone. If there are still tickets remaining after the distribution time has finished, we will hand out the tickets in front of each luncheon seminar’s venue. We will not reprint any tickets. Please be careful not to lose the tickets.

Distribution place:Osaka International Conference Center, 5th floor Lobby
Distribution time:May 25 (Fri) 8:00-11:30
May 26 (Sat) 8:00-11:30
May 27 (Sun) 8:00-11:30
*Tickets become invalid 5 mins after the seminar begins.
*Those with seminar tickets will be given priority when entering the hall. Once maximum capacity has been reached, attendees may not enter the seminar room.
*There are no tickets for morning or evening seminars.

7. Members Get-together: Meet the Specialists

Any registered participant may join. There will be light snacks and drinks available.

Date and time:May 25 (Fri) 19:00-20:15
Venue:Osaka International Conference Center, 3rd floor, Event hall stage set up
Participation fee:Free (please enter the venue with your conference badge)

8. Run for Longevity

The 5 kilometers marathon's start and goal will be the open air theater in Nakanoshima Park. There will be prizes for the top 1-3 men and women.

Date:May 26 (Sat)
Opening ceremony:7:00 (6:45 registration)
Closing ceremony:8:00
Participation requirements:attendee of the 18th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Participant in good health (no age or gender restrictions) and understands the purpose of the event.
Number of participants:first 50 applicants
Participation fee:\1,000 (include sports insurance)

* Event will be held even if it rains. Please visit here for more details.

9. Corporate and Book Exhibitions

Date and time:May 25 (Fri) 9:30-17:00
May 26 (Sat) 9:30-17:00
May 27 (Sun) 9:30-14:00
Location:Osaka International Conference Center, 3rd floor Event hall and 10th floor lobby

10. Nursery

There will be a nursery available during the conference. For each child, the initial 2 hours will be \6,000, for every 30 minutes after, it will be \1,500 (tax included). Please click here for details.

Location: Rihga Royal Hotel, West wing, 3rd floor, Baby room (Littlemate)

11. Prohibited Matters

(1)Photography and video
Photography and audio/video recording by camera, video, cellphone, etc. are prohibited inside lecture and poster halls.
(2)Cell phones
Talking on cell phones is not permitted inside lecture halls. Furthermore, when inside the venue, please set your cell phone to silent mode to avoid disrupting a lecture.
(3)No smoking
Smoking is forbidden inside the venue.

12. Press Registration

There will be a separate registration for journalists.

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